The business case for the Cloud is real. Just don’t get lost in the fog.

When it comes up to cloud Technology, the sky might be the limit but we believe that there is no point in flying if you do not know where you are going. With more and more services and applications moving to the cloud, it’s easy to get lost in the fog.  That is why we keep things simple and clear.  Instead of focusing on buzzwords or trendy cloud applications, we only focus on two proven cloud services: 1) Collaboration & Communication by Microsoft and Google and 2) Data Backup and Disaster Recovery by Barracuda Networks.

Save Time and Money With Cloud Collaboration and Communication

Small and midmarket organizations are always looking for flexible ways to save money and increase productivity.  That is why cloud based collaboration and communication solutions are so important.  The Cloud doesn’t reinvent the communication and collaboration wheel .  It just makes it more accessible, more affordable, and highly scalable.  Whether it’s Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps, we have helped many clients successfully plan and implement a cloud communication and collaboration solution.

Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Cloud-Backup and Disaster Recovery

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly turning to the cloud for a cost-effective way of meeting their data protection and disaster recovery needs.  With its scalable, secure, and high-availability benefits, the cloud is an ideal platform for data storage and security.  The advent of cloud storage has given way to a growing number of vendor options for this critical function.  At FedSolutions, we specialize in working with the most trusted cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions designed by Barracuda Networks.

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