Microsoft’s Free Tool: Location….Location…Location!

Posted on Apr 11, 2012

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Google Maps is definitely a cool and unique tool…In fact, if you own a business it’s essential to make sure that you’re listed in Google Maps and claim your information. IT Consulting companies are working with clients and employees very effectively to conduct business.

We now live in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s just the way of doing business today. Although maps are just one factor of this SEO equation, it is significant to say the least because it directs people to your location.

The one thing with Google Maps is that it can carry fees associated with it and not all business want to spend money, especially if you are a small business.

Well…Let’s start talking about something for free!

     it management, consulting, microsoft, google, it department, maps

Microsoft is sneaking its open source format out there and they are smart enough to have people just participate and give them the information.  In fact they half a million volunteers sending data to them. Microsoft has invested in the open source map project OpenStreetMap, a non-profit. gives us a more detailed landscape of what’s shaking with Microsoft OpenStreetMap.

OpenStreetMap is run much like Wikipedia, in which volunteers provide mapping information to build a free, open mapping service. People, sites, and companies can then use that mapping information. The service is overseen by the non-profit OpenStreetMap Foundation. The foundation says that a half a million volunteers have already provided data to OpenStreetMap.

The New York Times reported recently that a variety of companies have started to defect from using Google Maps because of the high fees charged for the service, and instead have turned to getting mapping data for free from OpenStreetMap. The mobile social media service FourSquare has jumped ship, and for iPhoto, the iOS photo management app, Apple has switched from Google to OpenStreetMap.

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